Library of Clesus

Library of Clesus
Library of Clesus

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

a day in the life...

I want to share my day with those of you who wonder how librarians spend their time.

We started with a scheduled visit from a lovely group of students from the college nearby.
The students are young adults with learning difficulties. We introduced the students to the library, focusing on their interests and pointing out other things they might enjoy such as the Graphic Novels and Quick Reads. Then we invited them to join the Six Book Challenge and most did, result.

(The Six Book Challenge is a project from The Reading Agency which aims to get people into reading. So if you've never read much, hated reading at school, think books are boring/too long/not for you, we are using the 6BC to open your mind to the joys of reading,.)

The library has just been refurbished and as well as looking stunning now has an even better range of services . Using some storage and office space has allowed us to include the Official Publications and Business Information collections and have some of the Enquiries Team available on site.

Time to check my emails before heading off for a quick early lunch

The wonderful Joanna Trollope unveiled the plaque at the official opening ceremony in the afternoon. This gave us the opportunity to invite our excellent local volunteers who deliver the Home Library service, Reading Group organisers and past members of staff as well the local great & good. In between helping with refreshments we had a chance to catch up with some of the guests.

Joanne Trollope returned in the evening to talk to an audience of over 80, about her latest novel, The Soldier's Wife. She is a great speaker and we were enthralled to hear how her stories are created. She kindly signed copies of the book afterwards. Finally it was time to tidy up and close the library for another day.

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